Sunday, 9 August 2015

Tamsin - August

I've been up to a few things since I last posted.

In the studio Helen has been wrapping up a few commissions and groups for exhibitions and we've been continuing work on the slipcast 'dailyware' range. The moulds made in Stoke were brought down to London in June and the first batches of bisque have been arriving in our studio over the past few weeks. Helen and I have been working on glazing and applying the transfers. We're still resolving a few teething problems with warping and finding the optimum temperature for the transfer firing, but overall we're very happy with the results so far, so plans to launch the collection next year are beginning to form.

I've been continuing to work on producing work for Ceramic Art London and Ceramics in the City which is going well.

I've also been to a couple of events for Adopt A Potter - first of all I went to the London Potters AGM to talk a little about being an apprentice. It was wonderful to meet everyone and also to watch Kevin Millward's demonstration which was great. Here he is in action.

I also went to 'Art in Clay' at Hatfield to help with the Adopt A Potter tombola which was great fun! I was wonderful to meet some of the Adopt A Potter team and also lots of the exhibitors. Maybe I'll even be able to exhibit there one day!

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