Pasha Manzaroli - Jonathan Chiswell Jones 2011 - 2013 (PT)

Pasha Manzaroli

I have been at Jonathan Chiswell Jones pottery for two and a half years now and I am still enjoying every minute. I work for Jonathan for two days a week and the third is used to produce and develop my own work. My throwing has greatly improved and I'm making some of the JcJ’s domestic ware such as mugs, coasters and cream jugs. I then decorate them with the traditional JcJ designs of fish, weed and dragonflies.

Last year I started to make tiles to work on some of my designs for Lustre. We had a big show at the Art Workers Guild, and Jonathan let me show a selection of my work.  I was very encouraged to see that they almost all sold. That spurred me on to experiment with more new ideas for lustre designs and I continue to enjoy this greatly.
I hugely admire Jonathan, and feel very fortunate to be learning from someone so creative and skillful, and I am also so grateful for the support and funding of Adopt A Potter as it has enabled me to pursue my goals and aspirations.

Here are some pictures of me at work and some images I have painted.

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