Simona Stollo - Mike Goddard 2014

Hello Everyone

I started my apprenticeship with Mike Goddard on the 7th January 2014, for
the next 12 months. Mike lives between England, Bequia and France.  It has
been a full month of learning ... throwing, wedging, glazing, firing, tile
making and much more... I am enjoying every part of it!!! Mike and Maggie
are both very good teachers and there is a lot to learn!!! How exciting!!
On the first day, I started with packing a stoneware biscuit firing,
following the firing... Keeping an eye on the kiln temperature, making sure
that it followed a certain graph and, above all, checking that temperature
was going up and not down.

In the first week I Helped pack a rail kiln, gas fired.

During this week I was also assigned my first project, making 6 mugs,

decorated with sgraffito techniques.... mission accomplished!!  Hummm...

not sure about pulling handles, so I used a different method, and kept
practising every day... it's getting better...

By the second week my project was designing a beaker...set of 6 beakers with a jug.

Well.. mission accomplished.

Third week, tile making, trittico!! (a triptych) Well I managed to do a
trittico and a set of 4 tiles. I have now decided that I will make a tile
border for it, I think it will look much better!! Mission is accomplished in
part as a new idea has developed.
For my fourth week I have to create a clock,  mixing the techniques of
throwing and hand building..let's see how will go...
I have not just concentrated on my projects, but helped in the pottery with
all sort of tasks, from recycling clay, making glazes, waxing, and
improving my throwing. I am also learning repetitive throwing with GP
bowls.. It is not a Gran Prix bowl but a General Purpose!! :-)

I would like to thank you all, Adopt a Potter's organiser and you,

the donator, for creating such a wonderful opportunity!!

With Gratitude


  1. Hi there,

    I met Mike and Maggie years ago when i was in Bequia and again back in the UK. Such a lovely couple. You are very lucky to have that spot!

    I would love to get in touch with them again. I will search for their email. In the meantime, please say hi from me.


    1. Hey Natalie,
      My name is Graham, im Maggie's son. if you would like her email address then get in contact with me at and ill be happy to pass on her contact information.
      many thanks for thew kind words.