Saturday, 29 August 2015

Niklas Preukschat - July

After Junes' rush we all felt pretty hangover so we were trying to take it easy...

Our first job was clearing the mess up we produced last month. Then we got slab wood delivered for a couple of times to fill up our stock and satisfying our thirst of fuel - or at least somewhat of that. Still having loads and loads of big larch trunks lying in the garden, we decided to exploit a bit of that by sawing a good half a pile of it into adequat lenghts of 2 foot. That was enough to get split for the next two weeks.

I like it

With the Ashes Test Series going on (Cricket!) we had a great working routine of splitting an hour before kick off at 11am and then having a reasonable coffee break on the arm chairs in the garden. Hmmm... summer!

Half way through the month Sabine and Elsa left us for a couple of weeks to spend holidays in Germany, leaving Nic and me behind with the dogs. Yeeeeehaa!

And with us two boys having nothing else to do then splitting a few logs at a time (not too much - cricket!) and throwing pots (mugs,beaker,dishes,bowls and working out glaze tests on my behalf) we launched a new, great project: building a 50 meter zip wire for Elsa!

Will they still look nice after the firing?



Three days later it was all ready for the first launch. And geared up with a pair of very appropriate, heavily scratched goggles, it didn't actually looked that worrying anymore... Up there on the 10 meter high 'plattform' (a bit of loose timber on scaffolding). A few seconds later I found myself tangled up in a tree. But we managed to solve all weak points in time and now the kids luv it. Mission accomplished.

into the jungle!

So, that was July. August, as I can say now, is certainly going to be a bit bussier again with a firing of Nics' work a week before our annual firing course, a lot of wood preparation and cleaning. But more on that later...

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