Sheila Herring - Jeremy Steward 2009-2010

I spent my Adopt a Potter apprenticship with Jeremy Steward at Wobage craft workshops in Herefordshire. It gave me the opportunity to experience what it is like working as a potter with all the myriad tasks that requires. As well as learning studio skills, I was involved with wood and gas salt firings. The apprenticeship has allowed me to build on my throwing skills, throwing for longer periods and more regularly plus practicing repetition throwing, improved my techniques.

I became an independent potter at Wobage in 2012.

My current pots are hand-built and wheel-thrown. My work has been described as "visceral and impassioned, combining a kind of abstract expressionism with subtle and robust functional shapes". I am currently working with a black earthenware clay body. My website includes images of my current work.

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