Yasuko Tang - Akiko Hirai 2014-2015

In 2010, I saw Akiko Hirai’s work on her website. Since then, I wanted to be her apprentice. I approached Akiko but I had no experiences in ceramics by then. She suggested me to study at Kensington and Chelsea College. and she taught me there for three years. after finishing the courses, she adopted me as her apprentice from this January.

 It has been a great fun and exiting to have new experiences. I have been learning reclaiming the clay, mixing glazes, pinching pots, throwing, slab building, packing kilns and gas filing. As I am a great fan of Akiko, It is a pleasure to help making her pieces. 

At college, I made some pieces with hand buildings. This year, I am aiming to improve my throwing skills. and one day, I would like to make a big moon jar like Akiko.
I would like to thank Adopt a potter for giving me this opportunity.
You made my dream come true!!

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