Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Niklas Preukschat - June

Hmmm… I’m feeling a bit lazy so I’ll just feed you with a few notes about the days and some photos. I think it shows quite well how busy the time has been.

31.05./01.06.: Sunbury, south of London. Nic and me are taking a trip to the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery, delivering pots for an exhibition about Nic’s work. The two days we spending on the road must have covered my need for fast food for the rest of the year…
The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery, located in the very nice Walled Gardens

02.06.: Back in Moreton, Nic starts making biggish pots for our next firing in the new kiln. I roll out some slabs for his slab bottles and pictures

03.06.: After two firings with the new kiln we had to admit that another one wouldn’t be possible without rebuilding the wooden frame that holds it all together. Too much of the timber caught fire the last time and we didn't want to risk a collapse of the kiln at 1300°C… So I take down the frame, extend it further out at either side and fill it up with cob. I find it quite fascinating, watching the kiln to grow more and more.

04. – 07.06.: This years’ first show! For Sabine’s demonstration stand at the Contemporary Craft festival in the nearby Bovey Tracey we have to move Nic’s kick wheel.  For the last two weeks we have had Jana, a student from Landshut working with us. She helps Sabine most of the time in Bovey whilst I concentrate on my throwing, making mugs for Adopt a Potter.

Any wrong doing at the Barn Pottery will result in draconic sanctions

08.06.: more insulation work at the kiln + getting wood sawn and split

09.06.: finishing the work at the kiln

10.06.: start packing the kiln

'Who emptied the bottle?!'

11.06.: finish packing the kiln + cleaning the 50 beaker I made for an order

12.06.: bricking up (bad weather doesn’t let us do any more)

13.06.:  start firing

14.06.: firing

15.06.: firing

16.06.: finishing the firing + cleaning kiln shelves for Sabine’s kiln
fotogenic at any time
17.06.: packing Sabine’s kiln (in just one day!)

18.06.: start firing Sabine’s kiln, Nic and me are picking up a wheel from the other side of the moor that a 
friend of Nic’s gave to us + cleaning pots

19.06.: finishing the firing, it was the first time firing that kiln without pyrometer. Looking forward to the results

21.06.: kiln opening of Nic’s firing (nice pots! Different to the last firings, the stack was much looser packed 
because of the big pots)

22.06.: Nic and me building and setting up his display for Rufford, Sabine hers + cleaning pots of the last firing + Sabine’s kiln opening

three jobs at once: building the display, cleaning pots and arraning them

23.06.: it’s getting dirty! Burning and waxing logs for Nic’s display


24.06.: packing the van

25.06.: And we’re off to ‘Earth and Fire’ in Rufford, Nottinghamshire! We arrived with five hours delay at late night due to our hired van that broke down, then a sick dog and… who hasn’t heard the story!?

26.06.: setting up the stands in the morning just before the show opens and then for the rest of the day: pots, pots, conversations, pots, looking after the stands, shopping pots!


27.06.: the same again

28.06.: and again (!) + taking everything down, loading the van and driving back home

29.06.: unloading van + setting up Nic’s display + waxing some more logs

30.06.: packing van, a long long day that was

31.07.: Off to Hatfield! That trip goes quite smoothly compared to Rufford. 35°C it is. Building up the yurt 
and the shelter (camping deluxe) + dumping the show stuff at the marquees and the day’s job is done

01.07.: Setting up Nic’s and Sabine’s displays 


02.07.: Start of ‘Art in Clay’, Adopt a Potter has got a stand for a tombola. My duty is to collect donated pots from the exhibitors. Thank you very much for all the great donations and conversations!

03.07.: Tombola, Tombola! One ticket for 2 Pounds, 3 for just a fiver! You're having a go with it?
Apply for adoption now and get a fully house trained potter!
04.07.: last day of Hatfield, Nic wins the Peers award for best stand! For the third time! And nobody else has won it more than once! And he won it three times! Did you know that?! ;) Then its all over, taking down the stands and start packing the van
Sunday - the end is near

Peers Award winner - for the third time

05.07.: The day says hello at 5 am, taking down the yurt and shelter, packing the van. 7.30 am: I’ve missed your traffic jams, M25!

the party is over

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