Anastasia Simmons - Jeremy Steward 2012 - 2013

I started my apprenticeship with Jeremy Steward in December 2012 shortly after graduating from studying Ceramics at UWIC. Due to the success of my AaP apprenticeship I have stayed at Wobage and carried on working for Jeremy after it ended.

Learning under an apprenticeship scheme was a big change from studying at university and within my first couple of weeks at Wobage it quickly became apparent that being a potter is about much more than ‘just making pots’. I’ve learnt that it is more a way of life and I have been taught so many practical skills beyond working with clay, including woodwork, brick laying and tool making to name just a few.

The working week is split between working for Jeremy and myself. When working for Jeremy I often find myself doing a myriad of different jobs, such as throwing his standard ware, mixing glazes, building kilns or helping coppice trees! In my own time, I have been developing a body of work that I have been firing in the wood salt phoenix kiln, which I help build last Easter.  To see my own work and follow me in the workshop, please subscribe to my blog.

Wobage is a really inspiring place to work; I enjoy being surrounded by a group of makers, talking through ideas often over extended tea breaks. I have really valued the community in starting out and the support and encouragement that they constantly offer me. It’s also been an ideal opportunity to develop my teaching skills on the evening classes. 

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity of the apprenticeship; it’s been an incredible experience. Jeremy has been exceptionally generous with his time and knowledge, it’s been amazing working alongside him. A huge thanks must go to the Adopt a Potter Trust and everyone who supports it for offering such a vital opportunity.

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