Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Niklas Preukschat - August

As promised, Augusts’ schedule had been a bit tighter packed than it was in July. With Nics’ firing from the 14. until the 17. to supply a galeries demand for his work and our annual firing course only a few days later, we were desperate to get enough wood ready for three firings. Fortunately we got some extra german fairy power delivered by Jana, a student who was here in April with the course.

Cooking Time

Recalling the days until the first firing I remember a great mish mash of many different jobs to be done. For the first few days Nic was still on making some big bottles and jars (clay mixing for me) than there was still wood to split, glazes to mix, bowls, plates and guinomis had be to decorated with leaves which was fairly time-consuming + a lot of glazing during which Nic and Jana packed the kiln. The firing went allright until the last day at which the kiln suffered of some congestion and let us getting worried about our wood consumption. But eventually we got it all up to temperature and we finished it with some mixed feelings. Tuesday, the day after the firing was for me the start for some holidays in Germany whilst Nic, Sabine and Jana were getting last things done before the arrival of the course participants on Friday.
test, test

When I arrived back in Moreton on the Saturday proper rain and temperatures in its mid teens hit me hard (after 30°C+ in Germany!) Though, the week with the course was a great time! The group in itself worked really well and all the questions about kiln packing and firing, from people who partially did that for their first time, challenged my knowledge about it quite a bit. The firings then went incredibly smoothly, giving us a good cause for some partying! 
Question Time

uhhh! ohhh! ahhh!

Then on Saturday, before everybody left, we opened Sabines’ kiln with astonishing results. The pots were very dark coloured as well as the kiln interior (!). Something must have vaporized in there, affecting everything around. Maybe black stain or iron in combination with the soda? Hmmm…
Nics kiln we left unopend until Thursday the week after. So most of the people came back for the opening. But that’s September. That’s another story.

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