Sunday, 15 March 2015

Simona February

February at Tythegston Pottery

We decided to take a day off in February and create something useful for a Shimpo wheel.. Well, it was not really a day off but this is what we made...

"Crab" top for Shimpo wheel
It is all another story working on the Shimpo with this improvement. Well, if you like it one for yourself, please contact us through Joanna's web site (link below):

Then more plates to throw...

The new table is amazing!!!! I can find the tools that I need straight away and it is much more comfortable and I have much more space!!! I love my new table. Thanks to Joanna who had such a brilliant idea!!!

Done a lots of more throwing and worked on my own project as well.. Few oven dishes created with a new technique (new for me).

Not fired yet!! I have used a different clay as well. I really like it and I am thinking to use it to create some of my own production. It is a white stoneware with porcelain.

We also done about three firing, so keeping busy busy. I have booked few markets in Wales to sell my own ware. As well as carry on doing my classes on Wednesday evening.

In February, we also had a new entry at Tythegston Pottery, Isa a student from Cardiff University, who is coming to help us once a week.

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