Monday, 9 March 2015

                   We had another Seasalt order to complete this month, with the month being shorter and some members of staff being away it was more of a challenge. The order was slightly smaller.
We visited the new Seasalt store in St Ives, which was good to see all of our work in a local shop.

 I made some different shapes this month,
including honey jars. They were good fun
to throw and the type of lid was something
I have never tried before. It was a bit more simple
and saved time.

The finished pieces were successful, they have now
been shipped off to a gallery.

I have also thrown some larger jugs. Pulling the handles was more of a challenge, as they were so much bigger. But I got better as they went on and became more confident.
We had a lot of glaze firings in order to finish the pieces.

I have spent a lot more time working on my own pieces this month. I have fired 2 glaze kilns, which were successful and I have made a lot of new pieces.

 Here are a few pieces from my most recent firing, including some lizard mugs, an oven dish and a carved platter.

I have also had some feedback from glaze tests, some of which were successful and I plan to use them in my next firing.

I spent some time updating my website with
images of new pieces, and also preparing for Hatfield in various ways, including ordering price stickers etc.

feel free to take a look :D

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