Saturday, 31 January 2015

Simona - December


I left you in November with me packing a glaze firing kiln, then we unpacked the kiln and prepared the studio for our "Opening Studio"
So a lot of cleaning and rearranging before the show started...

 Enjoy it as we did....                                                                                                                                                         
A sight of Tythegston Pottery's range, designed by Joanna Howells
A view of the show
Joanna Howells' work

Me with my production. In the past months as helping Joanna in her studio, I have started to develop my own range. I have adapted some of Joanna's glazed to my own pieces and it all worked well. I was very pleased with my results and selling. 
January will be a new year,  where I would like to focus on the development of my own glazes. As well as developing few more pottery ideas.

As the show finished, we rearranged the studio back for working. Finishing off few pieces before leaving and spend Christmas with my family in Italy.

Working on serving dishes made out of the mould made in November.


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