Tuesday, 20 January 2015


December was action packed! We were working on a huge order for Seasalt as well as a couple of smaller orders and our studio exhibition. This meant a few long days, mainly preparing for our show.
Luckily it all came together and the opening was a success.

Earlier tests proved very useful and some different techniques were use for some larger pieces.
 The Ying Ching glaze worked well on my porcelain pieces, which were included in the exhibition. They seemed to work well alongside the standard ware.
Our celadon glaze also highlighted my carving nicely.
 We had to do lots of firings to get all of the work through, as
some of the pieces were huge. The show included platters, moon jars, tea pots etc.

We also had small cups, which were used to serve the mulled wine, then people could make a small donation to take them home.

The images below show the exhibition just before the opening night.
The pieces were finished on time as well as all of the orders to send out.
Then I went back home to Lancashire to celebrate christmas with my family.


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