Sunday, 7 December 2014

Simona - October and November


Time to prepare for two exhibitions.. not much time to take photos...

I have done a lot of pugging after the workshop and preparing clay for some throwing.

Some of the throwing that I have done in October

 some firing before going to Oxford Ceramics Fair.

Joanna and I with Joanna's work....

Then off to Made by Hand, Cardiff presenting Tythegston Pottery work, designed by Joanna Howells.


After unpacking the Berlingo, back in the pottery with lots of making and preparing for our Christmas sale...
Pottery is not just throwing so a bit of mould making for some hand making.....

preparing for mould making

preparing plaster  


                                             mixing plaster

 Before pouring plaster

              after plaster poured

Time to prepare some glazes and

sieving a glaze

Well, I have been talking a lot about pugging, so here I am...

I have mentioned firing frequently and here I am when packing the kiln.....

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