Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Simona - June to September

Here, I am back on the blog... Not sure where the time has gone... I'll try to sum up my pottery experiences  since my last appearance in May. A few things have changed.

In the summer I moved in South Wales to work with Joanna Howells. This has been a great opportunity for me. Before going to Joanna I had a very fun time at Rufford helping the Adopt a Potter stand with the Tombola.
While in Rufford I met Margaret Gardiner who invited me to visit her studio and assist her with firing, just before Art in Action...

Margaret putting salt into the kiln


Me putting salt into the kiln

Firing ended - Fast cooling


Enjoying a magic moment and the silent of the night.  The action did not stop here, the morning became young and we carried on with other magic tricks...

 As I had a great fun at Rufford, I was off to Art in Action helping with  the Adopt a Potter stand on the Tombola!! Another great time raising funding for Adopt a Potter... Thank you for all the people that have made their contribution by buying a Tombola ticket.  I would also like to Thank all the potters who have donated their pieces for the Tombola. It was another successful time...
WITH GRATITUDE  for making our (apprentices) dream coming true....

After my days in Art in Action I moved to Wales to do my next six months with Joanna Howells. Joanna works with porcelain and stoneware

Please see Joanna website


Joanna has lots of experience with glazes (other magic potion going on) and above all Joanna likes to throw large pieces...

Joanna "all'opera"...

Helping with the "opera"


It was a very interesting month, adjusting to a new studio and planning for future projects... It was very exciting!!! What a lovely summer..

View from the pottery.....


Inside the pottery.....

Practising handles

Learning faceting

Finishing a small jug


I was practising those little cream jugs and faceting, then few firing going on while starting to work on my own projects.
Lots of glazes to mix. Very interesting to know, a little bit more about the chemistry behind it. I experienced first hand how an ingredient can change the end result. We had a few problems with a new "Feldspar", essential element for one of Joanna's glaze.. Well, problem resolved, when finally after endless phone calls to potter suppliers, Joanna has found the "right" Feldspar. A small sample was sent and tested with magnificent result!!! Ppphhhffff......

It was also, time to give a good clean to the studio and preparing for a workshop on throwing big pots....So, lots of pugging and more to do.

 Throwing Large Pots Workshop

Joanna demonstrating

                                    My first 5 Kilos

Workshops are also an opportunity to taste some of this lovely food served on  Joanna's beautiful pots.

The fruits of the workshop....

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