Thursday, 5 June 2014

Simona - April and May


....Brrrrr back in the UK, well Kent to be precise.

The first week of April was a shock, back to the cold and rain!!! Then a new studio (for me) to explore and clean, lots of clay to recycle that also means wedge and above all a  new wheel... I always find a bit tricky to adjust to a wheel. Sometime, I feel as a wheel is part of me, an extension of my own body, it has to fit... Philosophy a part, April it has been a month for adjustments. A bit of throwing and handle practising...getting better. I am starting to be pleased with my handles. Not perfection reached yet, but content!! One day I will show my handles too..

Garlic greater and Lemon Squeezers - April throwing


 It was a bit warmer especially with all the firing, I have been doing. Mike has a small gas fire kiln which I have packed (biscuit), and fired. I have also done a glaze oxidation firing and earthenware firing... I have also been busy with hand building: boxes and candles holders.

Some of the hand building

Candle Holder
 I made the lower part and Mike the dish that goes on top.

Then firing....

Packed another one and...


Sorry no photos for oxidation firing and earthenware... but packing the big kiln for a glaze firing...

Voila', the last one....


...a bit of space left...
You cannot see very well but I was on my toes... I am not very tall or the kiln is to big?!

See you next time :-)

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