Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tamsin - April to May

It's all still busy in the Helen Beard studio! April was full to the brim with preparations for Helen's exhibition at Ceramic Art London, which was a wonderful success

We've also been working on a test collection for a new slip-cast range, experimenting with transfer decoration which has been a nerve-wracking experience  - and it's not over yet! But the early stages have gone well.

Alongside Helen's preparations I've been preparing more of my work to sell at our open studios which was last weekend. I've been introducing a few new shapes including bottles and shallow sauce dishes to my range, which all went down quite well.

Now my preparations begin for Ceramic Art York and Ceramics in the City (which I heard a couple of weeks ago that I got into!). I've just written out a list of things to make which didn't sound too daunting when Helen and I were discussing it, but seeing it all laid out makes me feel a bit nervous!! Better get started...

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